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Koha 18.05.03 released 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: a warm thank you and heartfelt congratulations 0 replies Koha-general
Asynchronous standup 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Chrome vs. Firefox in recent versions of Koha / Firefox 0 replies Koha-devel
Chrome vs. Firefox in recent versions of Koha / Firefox 2 replies Koha-devel
Re: SQL Report not populating 0 replies Koha-general
Re: EDS Plugin not loading 3 replies Koha-general
Cronjob to run plugin cronjobs? 3 replies Koha-devel
Re: Koha 17.11.06 released 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Koha coverflow - no image available 2 replies Koha-general
Koha 17.11.06 released 1 reply Koha-general
Re: RFC for MARC holdings record support 9 replies Koha-devel
Re: Default Elasticsearch behaviour wrong with Chinese: can't find complete title 2 replies Koha-devel
Koha 17.11.04 and 17.05.10 released 2 replies Koha-general
Koha 17.11.03 released 1 reply Koha-general
Koha 17.05.08 released 0 replies Koha-general
Koha 17.11.02 released 0 replies Koha-general
Meeting Reminder: General and Dev Meeting - 10 January 2018, 14:00 UTC 0 replies Koha-general
MySQL 5.7 issues and Database Config 1 reply Koha-devel
Reminder string freeze for stable December 15th 0 replies Koha-devel