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Bug 12107 - Move checkboxes jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory 0 replies Koha-patches
Re: RSS feed for Public Lists 0 replies Koha-devel
RSS feed for Public Lists 5 replies Koha-devel
Re: DataTables - using class names in aTargets 2 replies Koha-devel
Re: SECURITY release: MARC::File::XML 1.0.2 2 replies Koha-general
Re: Adding Wysiwyg to (HTML) System Preferences 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Adding Wysiwyg to (HTML) System Preferences 2 replies Koha-devel
Bug 11575 - OPACBaseURL sometimes set by ENV variable and not system preference 0 replies Koha-patches
Adding Wysiwyg to (HTML) System Preferences 8 replies Koha-devel
bug 11537: Increasing test coverage for C4::Log 0 replies Koha-patches
Re: An idea for revamping the issuing rules 0 replies Koha-devel
: deprecating zebra grs1 / query parser 0 replies Koha-devel
OAI-PMH Harvester 0 replies Koha-devel
Database-dependent Tests 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: RDA framework 0 replies Koha-general
Type vs. Item Type 0 replies Koha-general
Re: CDS/ISIS to MARC21 (Koha) issue 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Koha-devel Digest, Vol 90, Issue 4 0 replies Koha-devel
Koha.next: Consolidate OPAC themes? 17 replies Koha-devel
Re: Koha numbering 3 replies Koha-devel
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