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Re: squeeze vs. main 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Official Docker image 0 replies Koha-devel
Norwegian help needed for fuller testing 1 reply Koha-devel
Re: Koha on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Koha and 2 factor authentication 0 replies Koha-general
Upcoming installation bumps... 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Out of memory 0 replies Koha-general
Bugs needing sign off... 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Centralize and move to gitlab 2 replies Koha-devel
Re: Outage for : Fwd: Linode Support Ticket 9818790 - Critical Maintenance for CPU Vulnerabilities (Meltdown) 1 reply Koha-devel
Test: planned count or done_testing() 4 replies Koha-devel
Fw: [Bug 19214] Patron clubs: Template process failed: undef error - Cannot use "->find" in list context 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: 4 Perl Modules Not Installed on Koha 2 replies Koha-general
Re: 4 Perl Modules Not Installed on Koha 4 replies Koha-general
How to handle the support providers list (was Re: Spam from BestBookBuddies (OpenLX)) 16 replies Koha-general
Issue with qa test tools and debian scripts 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: OPAC 0 replies Koha-general
Re: OPAC access denied Code 403 in browser 0 replies Koha-general
My dockerizing journey: sign off requests (please?) 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Life cycle of a Koha software bug 0 replies Koha-general
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