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Re: Formatting control number searches 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Formatting control number searches 2 replies Koha-devel
Re: Item due / overdue templates 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Can we do away with items.onloan? 2 replies Koha-devel
Reminder: General IRC meeting 16 May 2018 / 18.11 Elections 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Roles for 18.11 | REST API 'module maintainer' 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: ACQ non-standing-order baskets, only-closed receiving restriction 0 replies Koha-general
Reminder: General IRC meeting 2 May 2018 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Anonymous Search History 0 replies Koha-general
Re: List lost items that has been returned? 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Add Additional Patron attributes to Patron quickadd form 0 replies Koha-general
Re: OAI Harvesing - 952 c - Shelving location | filed 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Behavior of Issue Quick Slip (ISSUEQSLIP) 0 replies Koha-general
Re: Bath edit record to change one character in a control field 1 reply Koha-general
Re: Need help resolving error on item search in Koha 17.11 1 reply Koha-general
Re: Update your QA tests repo 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: Bugzilla query - all items in 18.05 release 2 replies Koha-devel
Re: Response to Mark Alexander - suggestion 0 replies Koha-general
Reminder: Development IRC meeting 11 April 2018 0 replies Koha-devel
Re: New translation server 0 replies Koha-translate
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