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new features for borrowers

Hello all,
(& specifically joshua, the RM)

I was yesterday in OUEST-PROVENCE (called OP in this mail) to work with
them on their version of Koha.
We all agree on the following position : developp as many features as
possible to be in official CVS. Even if it means developping a little
bit more parameters tables, to have a behaviour that anyone can use.

They worked on borrowers management, here is what they have done and
will do in the next 2 weeks :
* in koha 2.x we had 3 kinds of borrowers : Adults, Institutions,
Childrens. Those 3 kinds of borrowers where hardcoded (A, I, C), and not
fully functionnal. OP has defined a new row in categories table :
"cateogy_type". a category_type can be <A>dult, <C>hildren,
<I>nstitution, <P>rofessional. The library can thus define in the
database which catagories are what (and we can have more than 1 category
for <C> for example : Baby, boy, girl,...)
* when a library want to add a borrower, it 1st must select what kind of
borrower it want to add (A,I,C,P). Then the "member add" begins. Every
category_type has it's own template. Add is divided in 3 parts :

PART 1 : general information : name, surname (where applicable),
category (baby, boy, girl in my previous sample, if you choose
category_type='C'), and *city*
The city refers to a new table with city/zipcode. The library can fill
or ignore this table. If empty, the list does not appear. Otherwise, the
list appear. Useful to put usefull a list of common cities your library has.

PART 2 : addresses (personnal, professionnal, parent's one...),
including mail, fax, ... In the previous part, if a city has been
choosen, zip and city name are automatically filled and can be modified
if necessary.
The address has been modified to be separated in 3 parts : number, kind
of road (avenue, road, place...), road name. The list of "road type" is
defined in a separate table. If empty, once again, it does not appear.
Separating address in 3 parts will be a useful thing to have Geographic
information on borrowers. OP plans to connect Koha to a Geographic
Information Système (SIG in french) on the long term.

PART 3 : library use (opac note...)
nothing new or important here, if I don't mind.

On every PART value checking is done on client side (new behaviour, in
javascript) AND server side (as previously). What is new and could be
improved later is that the list of mandatory fields can be defined in a
systempreference (zipcode is mandatory in France, for example, it's not
is some countries)

Last note : OP will also reorganize the borrowers table to normalize
fields names.
For instance, there are many addresses/zipcode..., each having it's own
"nick". I suggested to adopt the following rules : each
address/mail/phone/fax information begins with a A or a B, the A being
"the most important one", the B being the alternative one.
For example : Aaddress1, Aaddress2, Azipcode, Acity...

Last note (2) : adding childrens : I suggested to add 3 ways to add a
children :
- from the parent, add a children = in this case, the guarantorcode is
kept, and the B adress is automatically set to the parent one.
- create a children from home page, and in PART 2, add a ... button to
find the parent to set guarantorcode (and B address)
- create a children that has no parent in the database (no
guarantorcode, and thus no B address automatically set).

This last behaviour being usefull for OP, as childs can subscribe to the
library without their parents being members.

Expected timeline : code working in around 3 weeks (next week being
holidays for OP developpers), but on default templates. We agree to let
me install a copy on to let you see how it works,
and commit code if everybody agrees.

Let me know your opinion on this. Joshua, I let you update release notes
for 3.0
Paul POULAIN et Henri Damien LAURENT
Consultants indépendants
en logiciels libres et bibliothéconomie (

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