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Joshua Ferraro-3
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Soooo, if you go to the catalogue you've set up, which makes me want a Corona
;), you'll see that

The complete idiot's guide to dealing with in-laws /
By Rozakis, Laurie E.

gets lumped in with a whole bunch of kid's and adult fiction.

If I were a patron looking for how to handle my in-laws, (right now! they're at
home!!!!) I would have to sort through all of the Family Life listings, even
though, I ought to be able to just view the non fiction adult ones as a
separate string. It gets worse! This entry


gets lumped in with family life, even though it's about farm life and family
farms. Eeep!

It's interesting to me, because if you do the old fashioned give me a search
string that looks like this

family life -- juvenile fiction

under keyword I'll get this


And if I do it under subject I'll get this


It's mashing the 650a s together, which is no good.

In any case, just so it's clear, I do appreciate the work that everyone does. I
know that MARC is old and it's a crappy thing to work with, but many folks
still insist on it because it can sort out things that simple subject searching
doesn't. I want to be on the current Koha version, but I'm having issues at
work, which is preventing me from doing that. My husband thinks a new router
might do the trick, so I'll try and get one. I still get a lot of questions,
but I feel bad about not being current, so I can't upgrade the wiki.

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA

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