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main Koha release repository annotated tag v19.11.06 created. v19.11.06

Git repo owner
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "main Koha release repository".

The annotated tag, v19.11.06 has been created
        at  03e54fb2810a3106c5a393c3ef2cfb19da4bff5f (tag)
   tagging  1ee852d09c001259f9d6cd34897c614f2bd10ecd (commit)
  replaces  v19.11.05
 tagged by  Joy Nelson
        on  Thu May 21 15:37:05 2020 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 19.11.06


Agustin Moyano (1):
      Bug 25086: Set changed_fields column as nullable

Aleisha Amohia (1):
      Bug 24266: (alternate patch) Only use defined borrowernumbers in cron

Andreas Roussos (1):
      Bug 25046: Include borrowers.othernames in SELECT statement

Andrew Fuerste-Henry (4):
      Bug 25224: Show large print format in search results XSLT
      Bug 23081: set default to 0 for items.issues and deleteditems.issues
      Bug 23081: atomicupdate for change to existing installs
      Bug 25335: group by authorised_value in

Andrew Isherwood (1):
      Bug 24043: Fix retrieval of of status name

Bernardo González Kriegel (3):
      Bug 25257: Preserve prolog on translated XML files
      Bug 24636: translate planning sections
      Bug 24636: (follow-up) - move 'by' into include file

David Cook (6):
      Bug 25300: Fix typo in "Edit details" for expiring/expired patron
      Bug 25299: Show soon to expire patron date
      Bug 25510: Put space between negation operator and function name
      Bug 25524: Remove --line-regexp option in log4perl_component()
      Bug 25485: Remove all mention of tiny_mce in debian/rules
      Bug 25485: Remove tiny_mce symlink during pre install of deb package

David Roberts (6):
      Bug 24940: Serials statistics wizard: order vendor list alphabetically
      Bug 20370: Misleading comment for bcrypt - #encrypt it; Instead it should be #hash it
      Bug 25053: Clarify the description of syspref PatronSelfRegistrationExpireTemporaryAccountsDelay
      Bug 23119: MARC21 added title 246, 730 subfield i displays out of order, and should display before subfield a
      Bug 25388: There is no link for the "online help"
      Bug 25130: Reason for accepting/rejecting a suggestion is not visible when viewing (not editing)

Didier Gautheron (2):
      Bug 25291: Escape barcode in ReturnClaims table display
      Bug 24740: Use biblio title rather than biblio number in OPAC search result cover images tooltips

Emmi Takkinen (2):
      Bug 19475: Add unit tests
      Bug 19475: Don't copy holiday if it already exists in target calendar

Fridolin Somers (4):
      Bug 21865: improve script
      Bug 21865: ES compatiblity of
      Bug 21865: add confirm to script
      Bug 21865: allow test arg alone

George Veranis (1):
      Bug 19312: Fix typo in template

Grace McKenzie (1):
      Bug 17853: Don't remove () from 780 link text

Janusz Kaczmarek (1):
      Bug 25081: Fix creation of new item for a received issue

Jonathan Druart (45):
      Bug 19475: Clear the caches at the end of the tests
      Bug 24964: [19.11.x] Add tests
      Bug 24964: [19.11.x] Do not filter patrons after they have been fetched
      Bug 24964: [19.11.x] Prevent random failures sorting by borrowernumber
      Bug 24964: [19.11.x] Do not fetch all patrons for owner/users of funds
      Bug 25024: Do not escape $
      Bug 24826: Remove warnings from Sendmail
      Bug 25046: Add test
      Bug 25081: Fix wrong comment
      Bug 25038: Fix tabs on the OPAC reading history view
      Bug 24993: Make sure SIP server is stopped before restarting it
      Bug 24993: Make sure we are not going to loop indefinitely
      Bug 25027: Use localStorage instead of sessionStorage for results browser
      Bug 25069: Fix AddressFormat="fr" behavior
      Bug 24800: Handle inexistent return date on self checking
      Bug 24800: Add tests
      Bug 25186: Fix accordion sections height in columns configuration page
      Bug 23081: Revert "Bug 24443: Consider NULL as 0 for issues in items search"
      Bug 23081: Adjust tests
      Bug 24339: Do not assume there are exactly 3 SIP* AVs
      Bug 22828: Add tests
      Bug 23137: Move cache flushing to the method
      Bug 23081: [19.11.x] Set items.issues to 0 if not provided (AddItem)
      Bug 24801: Display all the categories - Selenium fix
      Bug 24801: Display all the libraries - Selenium fix
      Bug 24801: (follow-up) Display all the libraries - Selenium fix
      Bug 25133: Fix time part of due date for 12hr
      Bug 25133: Handle 12hr format for dt_from_string
      Bug 25157: Silent patron deletion cmd line script
      Bug 25301: Removed URI parameter "categorycode" from the toolbar
      Bug 25417: Prevent negative debit amount on backdating returns
      Bug 25418: (bug 25133 follow-up) Display due date with hours
      Bug 25480: Don't hide apache error and display incorrect error
      Bug 25400: [< 20.05] Fix cloning of circulation rules
      Bug 25311: Better error handling when creating a patron
      Bug 25311: Better error handling when updating a patron
      Bug 25309: Limit size of streetnumber field to 10
      Bug 25510: Fix syntax error in koha-common.postinst
      Bug 24854: Disable IDreamBooks sysprefs
      Bug 23403: Remove cardnumber from SIP
      Bug 23403: List borrowernumber in the ILS::Patron fields
      Bug 25481: Pass --user to start-stop-daemon when a pidfile is used
      Bug 24881: [19.11.x] Try to fix random failure from Circulation.t
      Bug 25531: Add tests
      Bug 25531: Debar patron if needed when checkin is backdated

Josef Moravec (1):
      Bug 24043: (QA follow-up) Fix another TypeError when retrieving status name

Joseph Sikowitz (1):
      Bug 24750: Instructor Search Results

Joy Nelson (22):
      Bug 25010: DBRev
      Bug 20754: DBRev
      Bug 25086: DBRev
      Bug 25176: Compiled CSS
      Bug 25276: Compiled CSS
      Bug 23081: DBRev
      DBIC update
      Bug 23081: followup remove atomicupdate file
      Bug 25184: DBRev
      Bug 25184: (follow-up) fix number of tests
      Bug 25478: DBRev
      DBRev: RMaint (follow-up) correct version
      Revert "Bug 23727: (QA follow-up) Fix for boolean flags"
      Revert "Bug 23727: (QA follow-up) Fix script tags"
      Revert "Bug 23727: Editing course reserve items is broken"
      Revert "Bug 23727: Add Koha Object(s) related to course reserves"
      Revert "Bug 23727: Update Schema"
      Revert "Bug 23727: Add new columns"
      Bug 24854: DBRev
      Bug 24854: DBRev correction
      Increment version for 19.11.06 release
      Update release notes for 19.11.06 release

Julian Maurice (1):
      Bug 24604: Add 'Pay' button under Transactions tab in patron accounting

Katrin Fischer (24):
      Bug 9422: Don't allow access to 'Upload patron images' when patronimages syspref is off
      Bug 25014: Fix capitalization for "Call Number" in staff and OPAC sort options
      Bug 25013: Fix capitalization: Edit Items on batch item edit
      Bug 25012: Fix class on OPAC view link in staff detail page
      Bug 24941: Serials - Fix link to basket from acquisition details information
      Bug 17938: Fix display of label for repeated MARC 583 - Action note fields
      Bug 25010: Fix typo 'rewewal' in debit types
      Bug 25120: Make accounting the default tab when opening the pref editor
      Bug 22468: Standardize on labelling ccode table columns as Collections
      Bug 10561: Rephrase DisplayOPACiconsXSLT and DisplayIconsXSLT slightly
      Bug 18680: Add an empty entry by default to sort1/sort2 values in patron account
      Bug 21211: Add patron toolbar to suggestions, discharges and ill requests tabs
      Bug 13557: Add hint for on-site checkouts to list of current checkouts in OPAC
      Bug 14369: Only show 'Create labels' link on staged records import when status is imported
      Bug 24768: Add 'Return claims' to column configuration for checkouts tables
      Bug 21927: Acq - Add blank values in pull downs of mandatory item subfields
      Bug 17232: Make sure all fields are copies when creating a new framework from another
      Bug 24995: (QA follow-up) Terminology: Use checkin and checkout
      Bug 18670: Remove RewriteLog and RewriteLogLevel from sample config files
      Bug 22335: Fix comment on suggestions.STATUS in kohastructure.sql
      Bug 15727: Add MARC21 385 - Audience to detail pages
      Bug 25082: Make 041 descriptions display, if authorised value list is used
      Bug 25082: Don't remove characters from string
      Bug 25311: (QA follow-up) Add misssing filter

Kyle M Hall (23):
      Bug 24964: [19.11.x] Fix perl critic warning
      Bug 22937: Add hint to groups editor
      Bug 22778: Suggestions with no "suggester" can cause errors
      Bug 22778: Add unit test
      Bug 25095: Remove warn left in
      Bug 24966: Add unit tests
      Bug 24547: Add more action logs for holds
      Bug 20101: Cronjob does not log run in action logs
      Bug 25227: Add unit tests
      Bug 25227: Display correct message if item is lost and lost returns are allowed
      Bug 25227: Display correct message if item is withdrawn and withdrawn returns are allowed
      Bug 25107: Remove double passing of $server variable to maybe_add in C4::SIP::Sip::MsgType
      Bug 25184: Items with a negative notforloan status should not be captured for holds
      Bug 25184: Add syspref
      Bug 25417: Add unit test
      Bug 25468: Preserve line breaks in hold notes
      Bug 23727: Add new columns
      Bug 23727: Update Schema
      Bug 23727: Add Koha Object(s) related to course reserves
      Bug 23727: Editing course reserve items is broken
      Bug 25535: Hold API mapping maps cancellationdate to cancelation_date, but it should be cancellation_date
      Bug 25485: TinyMCE broken in Debian package installs
      Bug 23403: Fix whitespace

Liz Rea (1):
      Bug 24993: fix increment

Lucas Gass (8):
      Bug 24764: TinyMCE shouldnt do automatic code cleanup when editing HTML in News Feature
      Bug 25007: Check for normaalized ISBN when building Amazon link
      Bug 24957: OpenLibrarySearch shouldnt display if nothing is returned
      Bug 25233: Staff XSLT material type label "Book" should be "Text"
      Bug 25072: Fix print CSS
      Bug 21565: Add modal to SCO confirm
      Bug 25341: Remove whitespace from barcode in
      Bug 24995: Add issuedate to table_account_fines and finest

Marcel de Rooy (7):
      Bug 20754: DB revision to remove double accepted shares
      Bug 24966: (QA follow-up) Fix return value of hold_patron_bcode
      Bug 24903: Special characters like parentheses in numbering pattern cause duplication in recievedlist
      Bug 24903: Add tests for _handle_seqno
      Bug 22437: Add test case to Merge.t
      Bug 22437: Delete older merge requests at new merge time
      Bug 22437: (follow-up) Move deletion of merge requests to DelAuthority

Martin Renvoize (20):
      Bug 9422: (RM follow-up) Rebase Correction
      Bug 24183: Add before_send_messages hook
      Bug 25040: monkeypatch Schema::Loader for recent MariaDB
      Bug 20484: (RM follow-up) Highlight ES disablement
      Bug 25123: (QA follow-up) Re-used variable name
      Bug 24768: (RM follow-up) Add missing koha_object_class's
      Bug 24339: Add SIP2 payment types for installation
      Bug 24339: Remove SIP payment types from staff pay screens
      Bug 25127: Correction to tests
      Bug 25127: Use Koha::Number::Price->round for comparison
      Bug 15751: Add ModDateLastSeen to ProcessOfflineReturn
      Bug 25478: (25389 backport) Correct original DB update for bug 22563
      Bug 25478: (25389 backport) Correct stray cases of LOST_RETURNED
      Bug 25478: (25389 backport) Catch errant cases of LOST_RETURNED
      Bug 25417: (QA follow-up) Clarify _FixOverduesOnReturn test
      Bug 25417: (QA follow-up) Restore 'fixing' of fines
      Bug 25417: (QA follow-up) Add integration test for AddReturn
      Bug 24994: Correct DB Updates
      Bug 23727: (QA follow-up) Fix script tags
      Bug 23727: (QA follow-up) Fix for boolean flags

Nick Clemens (35):
      Bug 19014: [19.11.x] Prevent auto_renew notices form sending if too early to renew
      Bug 23601: Prevent default for auxclick
      Bug 25024: Make grep match full string
      Bug 25050: Unit tests
      Bug 25050: Adjust marc_records_to_documents to search entire mapping array
      Bug 24620: [19.11.x] Close existing transfer when hold set to waiting (squashed)
      Bug 24840: [19.11.x] Replace DateTime->now with dt_from_string
      Bug 20484: Allow configuration of ES before switching to ES
      Bug 20484: Implement blocking_errors for ES config page
      Bug 25123: Unit tests
      Bug 25123: Count the current fine when reducing for maxFine
      Bug 25223: Make join of aqbasket and aqorders explicit
      Bug 25229: Unit test
      Bug 25229: Return authid of record rather than 001
      Bug 25229: (follow-up) Move QueryBuilder test to Elasticsearch dir
      Bug 25231: Rename button instead of alert/confirm when replacing record
      Bug 22828: Elasticsearch - display errors encountered during indexing on the command line
      Bug 23137: Add reset option to
      Bug 23137: Add reset and delete to koha-elasticsearch
      Bug 23137: Add documentation
      Bug 25127: Unit tests
      Bug 25247: Only convert data ot objects when displaying on screen
      Bug 20816: [19.11.x] Add ability to define custom templated fields in SIP patron responses
      Bug 25133: (follow-up) Remove Names as they do no affect display
      Bug 25133: (follow-up) Move changes to
      Bug 25342: Force ES id as string
      Bug 25342: Unit test
      Bug 25418: (QA follow-up) Raise size of input box
      Bug 25277: Don't specify a field in query if none passed
      Bug 25277: Unit test
      Bug 25278: Unit tests
      Bug 25278: Retrieve correct search fields for authorities
      Bug 25278: (follow-up) Fix other occurrences
      Bug 25278: add clear_search_fields_cache method
      Bug 23403: Catch other cases of ->{patron}

Nicolas Legrand (1):
      Bug 25099: Sending a LANG variable to plug-in template

Olli-Antti Kivilahti (1):
      Bug 18227: Handle utf8 in Koha::Logger

Owen Leonard (13):
      Bug 25022: Display problem in authority editor with repeatable field
      Bug 25007: (follow-up) Fix the way image check alters layout
      Bug 25176: Fix style of checkout form
      Bug 25016: Coce should not return a 1-pixel Amazon cover image
      Bug 25118: Return claims has some translation issues
      Bug 25274: Don't initialize DataTable if table isn't present
      Bug 25211: Add missing share icon to OPAC lists page
      Bug 25276: Correct hover style of list share button in the OPAC
      Bug 21565: (follow-up) Make confirmation buttons more detailed
      Bug 22515: Improve logic determining how to show OPAC suggestions
      Bug 25340: Pass biblio object to OPAC comments template
      Bug 24522: Show alert when trying to add nothing to a list in staff
      Bug 25343: Use of item in review/comment feature is misleading

Petro Vashchuk (2):
      Bug 25301: removed useless URI parameter "categorycode" from template
      Bug 25301: removed URI parameter "categorycode" from ""

Phil Ringnalda (4):
      Bug 20501: Don't cut strings when unhighlighting in intranet search results
      Bug 25235: Rename the button instead of alerting when replacing an existing record
      Bug 11446: Use encodeURIComponent on search terms in authority lookup plugin
      Bug 25308: Escape querystring for Z39.50 popup from cataloging

Slava Shishkin (2):
      Bug 25409: Add missing "required" class to template
      Bug 25409: Add missing "Required" text and "required" classes

Theodoros Theodoropoulos (1):
      Bug 23514: Split Call Numbers for all layout types

Tomás Cohen Arazi (13):
      Bug 25006: Regression tests
      Bug 25006: Make Koha::Item->as_marc_field skip undefined subfields
      Bug 18227: (QA follow-up) Add fix to koha-common.postinst
      Bug 25019: Make the ViewPolicy filter initialization standard
      Bug 25008: Regression tests
      Bug 25008: Tests for ->options
      Bug 25008: Overload Koha::RecordProcessor->options to update filters
      Bug 24908: Unit tests
      Bug 24908: Add text-formatted MARC support in /biblios/{biblio_id}
      Bug 25416: Let OPAC XSLTs know if the context is an anonymous session
      Bug 25416: Unit tests
      Bug 24458: Regression tests
      Bug 24458: Use the ViewPolicy filter on search results


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