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facing problem in searching

Aamir Abbas
Dear Fellows

 I am running Koha 3.4.1, and currently facing an issue, that after checking out a book, It would not be show at the time of searching (whatever I search through user terminal, or kohaadmin as well),

For example,
there is a book P104787 Economics / by Mankiw, (there are 2 copies available, 01 copy be issued, and 01 is available in status) , When I search this title again, It shows only 01 title available, and for other it shows in status "No Item" available...

I have also checked through the tool "biblio", all books are entered.

What should I do ??? Pl help me out.!

Wtih Regards,
Assistant Librarian
Air Universit Multan Campus,
Multan Cantt-
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