Where is the BIG RED WARNING button?

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Where is the BIG RED WARNING button?

Jonathan Druart
Hi devs,

I started the discussion during today's dev meeting.
As RM I realise that I need a big red warning button to push to trigger help when there is something urgent to do.
The last problem has been the already famous checkin issues (see bug 18966 and ancestors). They were marked as "blocker" for the last 2 months and affected all the stable releases. I tried to alert you several times but I did not really receive the attention needed.

There are several ways to help you to know easily what is waiting for urgent attention:
- The dashboard displays a "bug tracker health status" which shows blocker, critical and major bugs (http://dashboard.koha-community.org)
- This section can be easily displayed on your own bug tracker using http://dashboard.koha-community.org/bz_status
- I report on the kanban the tasks waiting for help, there is also a red "important" tag to highlight some. The columns list the bugs in the different queues with the most importants on top (https://tree.taiga.io/project/joubu-koha-rm-1711/kanban)
- The "what's on in koha-devel" email list the bugs that are waiting for love

I am not sure what I can do more to match your workflow, and I do not think I should propose something else. I really would like to avoid individual and repeated pings.

I do not provide paid support to any customers and then, I do not understand why I care more about blocker and critical than paid support companies. If you do not think it is important, why should I? :)

This discussion has to be done and answers to be given, I do not plan to push anything "big" until we have a solution. Indeed I do not want to take the risk to face another situation like that.


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