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Validating OAI-PMH with tool

Hi all!

I tried to validate a koha data provider with and get this two errors:

*1. FAIL baseURL supplied 'https://mysite/cgi-bin/koha/
<https://mysite/cgi-bin/koha/>' does not match the baseURL in the
Identify response 'http://mysite/opac/ <http://mysite/opac/>'.
The baseURL you enter must EXACTLY match the baseURL returned in the
Identify response. It must match in case (
<> does not match
<>) and include any trailing slashes etc.*
*2. FAIL Bad earliestDatestamp: The earliestDatestamp in the identify
response (2018-07-13 09:07:21) does not have the correct format for the
time part of the UTCdatetime. The overall format must be

I'm using Koha with Plack (and memcached, no warnings/errors
on *About > System Information*).

Looking at my baseURL?verb=Identify XML I see  <request verb='Identify'>

About first error, seems bug 17785
<> but I
look my code and this commit
is already applied, and should be already fixed on 18.05.

I get similar (and others) errors trying with

Am I missing something? Using a YAML config file would be a workaround? I
wonder what other people gets when validating
<> their Kohas.

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