Tümer Garip rocks !

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Tümer Garip rocks !

Everybody all around the world was dreaming of a powerful inventory
system in Koha (more powerfull than the one we have for instance).
And Tümer wrote it !

I'll play with it and include it for Koha 3.0 next week.
Tümer Garip a écrit :

>Hi again,
>Here is another script which you may find useful.
>It simply reads barcodes and marks the items as seen for stock control.
>We have wireless network, so the librarian goes around with a wireless
>notebook shelfreeding the barcodes which automatically updates the
>database items.datelastseen.
>For off-line use it can read a textfile of barcodes (read through a
>handheld barcode reader) and update them all at once.
>You may use or improve it as you like.
>Tümer Garip
>NEU Grand Library

Paul POULAIN et Henri Damien LAURENT
Consultants indépendants
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