Summary: Koha Devel Meeting, 22 Februrary 2017

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Summary: Koha Devel Meeting, 22 Februrary 2017

Nick Clemens-2
Hi All,

We had a productive dev meeting today, just wanted to highlight some of our discussions for the general list readers. If this seems useful I will try to send these updates after each dev meeting:

The Onboarding tool still needs more testing (see Jonathan's email here:

This tool will make it easier for those setting up a new instance to enable necessary settings and configuration and generally make Koha setup more friendly.

It was proposed as a possibility to roll the tool out in English first, and add other languages as they are tested. Ideally we would have as much testing as possible now. We will discuss and vote on how to move ahead at the next Developers meeting (8 March 2017, 19UTC)

The ru-RU and uk-UA languages were discussed for possible removal as there has been no maintenance, if you are using these or interested in helping maintain (or have strong opinion) please let us know.

Testing and QA teams can always use more help so let us know if you are interested.

Other interesting notes:
ElasticSearch dependencies are being packaged by Mirko
Jonathan continues work on refactoring and moving things to the Koha namespace (see here for Koha::Patron status)
OverDrive integration has been pushed to master

The next meeting will be 8 March 2017, 19UTC, I hope to see you there.

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