Relais D2D as an ILL product

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Relais D2D as an ILL product

Jason Palmer
Hi, everybody.

One of our members in our academic library consortium is moving off of Koha to their own ILS in early 2018.   We are thinking about purchasing Relais D2D to maintain unmediated consortial borrowing between our Koha and their Alma.

We have no consortium-wide ILL product, and our board is wondering if Relais D2D can also be used for all ILL and not just as a Koha/Alma bridge.  Most of our libraries user OCLC WorldShare; one uses ILLiad.

Do any of you use Relais D2D?  If so, is it for all your ILL, or just within your consortium?

Thanks so much!

Jason Palmer
SWITCH Library Consortium
3401 South 39th Street
FO 237A
Milwaukee, WI 53234

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