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Richard Anderson-3

Paul POULAIN wrote:
  > OK for the accessibility, owen already entered a lot of for="...", and
> accesskey would be interesting too.
> But I don't see why we also need the <span>. The <label> can also be
> used as CSS. and we could/should avoid having a <span>. Were am I wrong
> here ?

I can't quite recall where (and it mightn't have even been in Koha) but
I think there were some radio buttons which were on the same line. So
what I was thinking was that if we put labels on the names for the radio
buttons they would get spread apart because of the css on the label tag.

Is it Sunny?         : Yes  : No

if we put a <label for> on the Yes and No it would become

Is it Sunny?         : Yes                    : No


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