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Claire Gravely
Hi again all,

so, this patch is now passed QA. Many thanks to those who took a look and tested! :)

What I am trying to do is create an up to date look for the out-of-the-box Koha OPAC. Again, it is just the styling that is being changed, not functionality. There are screenshots attached to the bug at 20554

I would be grateful of any more feedback before this gets pushed.


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Hi all,


At the Marseille Hackfest this year Owen and I discussed modernising the look of the Koha OPAC. I have written a patch with a suggestion for updated styling, which can be found on bug 20554 Functionality of the OPAC has not been changed, just the styling. I have added some screenshots to the bug.


Any feedback is welcome, as is testing ;)

(A note for those wanting to test, once the patches have been applied you will need to compile the Sass files, see )


And massive thanks to Owen for the help with patch-submission and rebasing J






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