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Re: MARC frameworks in Koha (Hector Castro)

Hector Castro

Hi Marcel

On 7 August 2017 at 08:06, <[hidden email]> wrote:

I would propose now to make the decision that we only use one set of kohafield mappings (those from Default), and that we do no longer allow changes to kohafield mappings in the other frameworks.
The possibility of adding multiple mappings per kohafield hopefully removes most objections to that approach as illustrated in the frameworks A and B example.

End of Koha-devel Digest, Vol 141, Issue 7

Good job. +1

I think that it is necessary to allow mapings from Koha to MARC mapping and avoid the changes in frameworks. Librarians' needs go in the way to data presented in the screen, i.e., they got in their catalogs a mix between RDA records and AACR records, for example, if a librarian start to catalog records in RDA and she or he goes to Acquisition Module, when places an order, the screen does not show the publication data because biblio.copyrightdate is empty. This happen in a few modules where presentation on screen not uses XSLT.

I think this only happen in MARC 21 records

As a librarian I am excited to know that this is fixed.



H├ęctor Eduardo Castro Avalos

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