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Michael Kuhn

Just for the record... Yesterday I wrote:

 > When using Koha 16.05 we have set up a script "" to
 > authenticate against Divibib (a German company that does about the
 > same as Overdrive). The script contained lines like
 > use C4::Members;
 > ...
 > use DateTime;
 > my $today = DateTime->today->date;
 > ...
 > my ($borr) = C4::Members::GetMemberDetails($borrowernumber);
 >    return("1", "0", "0") if defined ($borr->{'debarred'});
 >    if ($borr->{'dateexpiry'} lt $today) {
 >      return("-3", "0", "0")
 >    }
 > After updating to Koha 18.05 unfortunately this is no more working as
 > before. We have seen in Bug
 > there
 > was a change in C4::Members so we tried to change
 > C4::Members::GetMemberDetails to C4::Members::GetMember in the code.
 > But still the file throws an "Internal Server Error" in the browser
 > and the following error appears in file "plack-error.log".
 > Variable "$today" is not available at
 > /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 164.
 > Undefined subroutine &C4::Members::GetMember called at
 > /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 158.
 > Can anyone give us a hint how to solve that problem?

Reason of the problem was the newly introduced class "Koha::Patrons"
about which I didn't know.

However I was able to use the new class methods instead of the old ones.
I especially liked the new class methods "is_debarred", "is_expired" and
"get _age".

There was only one problem with the documentation that should probably
be corrected: actually shows the
content of "Koha::Patrons" (with "s" at the end) even though the
document itself says the class is named "Koha::Patron". So the file name
"Patron.html" and the NAME "Koha::Patron" in the document should
probably be corrected.

while actually shows the
content of another class named "Koha::Patron" (without "s" at the end).
So the file name "Patrons.html" should probably be corrected.

Both classes do contain a method named "guarantor", the rest is different.

Best wishes: Michael
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