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Re: [Koha] Barcode Generator Error

Stephen Hedges
Amzari, I think you might be right when you suggest that the problem is
related to the \tmp folder.  I don't have a Koha install on Windows, so
I'm copying this to the koha-win32 list.  Maybe someone there has been
generating barcodes and can help.


Amzari Abu Bakar said:

> I recheck again. it is actual barcode for items that
> have been cataloged. I actually "copy" the barcode and
> paste, so that no digit left behind. so, what have to
> do next?
> I believe it is something todo with \tmp\ folder. As
> in intranet-error log files, it seems like Koha can
> not create the temporary pdf files. where are the
> \tmp\ folder should be? Does Apache httpd.conf files
> has to with this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Amzari Abu Bakar
> FingerClick Solutions
> --- Stephen Hedges <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> Are those actual barcodes for items you have already
>> cataloged?  If not,
>> the barcode generator will not work.
>> Stephen
>> Amzari Abu Bakar said:
>> > hi,
>> >
>> > thnks for your reply. I use version 0.3r77 for my
>> > PDF::API2. Just want to check, I put 11 digit
>> barcodes
>> > number in the interval. (e.g: 00000000001 -
>> > 00000000002) and select USA1 as a country code.
>> then,
>> > text under label are left empty. Label number to
>> start
>> > printing are set to Label 1 by default.
>> >
>> > any step missed?
>> >
Stephen Hedges
Skemotah Solutions, USA  --  [hidden email]

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