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Balasa Rodica a écrit :

>Hello Paul,
Hello Balasa,

>Thank you again for the precious advice you gave me, and I write to you
>again with a specific question, maybe you can help me with some advice.
>Discussing with the Institute of Mathematics management, the most
>important feature of Koha would be to be able to store and search AMS
>fields, that are specific to Mathematics science.
>I noticed that Marseille University has already implemented AMS:
>I thought maybe you encoutered this issue before, the search could be
>obtained from configuration, or a modified version of Koha exists, and
>if such, do you know where I could find it?
It's a 100% pure Koha. (I made the CMI installation)
There is another library using Koha with AMS (Limoges), and another one
that should switch to Koha soon.
Henri Damien and me have developped a tool to import AMS as a thesaurus
in Koha. I can send it to you if you want
(it probably needs some doc...)

(cc: henridamien & koha-devel)

Paul POULAIN et Henri Damien LAURENT
Consultants indépendants
en logiciels libres et bibliothéconomie (

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