REST api enhancement to ease development

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REST api enhancement to ease development

Tomas Cohen Arazi
Hi, we've been involved in a small discussion about a way to generalize query parameters handling (with the focus on making it easier to write new endpoints, and repeat code less).

In the process I declared some 'reserved' keywords that are clearly described on each related bug.

I put things together from some of those conversations in bug 19410. This probably explains the dependencies:

Follow the dependencies to better track what's done so far.

Here you can see it "in action" on the list_orders controller method:

And this is how the OpenAPI path definition looks like with the 'reserved' params:

And the parameters definition [1]:

Thanks in advance for your feedback and testing.

[1] Yes, there's room for modularization (parameters/reserved.json?). Help is welcome.

Tomás Cohen Arazi
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