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Patron Identification and Authorisation

Patrick Andrew Jansen
Good day. This is my first post to the mailing list, so please bear with
me if I tend to be a bit off on the culture of the mailing list.
I am a database administrator at the National food technology Research
centre in Botswana, I have installed and did a bit of
customisations to the LMS , for the centre.

I have a few libraries that have since requested the installation of
Koha, but there is always a question of identification and
non-repudiation. To solve problems of repudiation and authentication I
have thought of introducing Biometric identification during check out
and enrolment. Being new to both Koha  and Perl, I have difficulties of
where to start and where to introduce these customisations. I am a Java
programmer, and in Java there are a few facilities such as AJAX and
webservices that I could use to solve this problem. Please assist on
this regard.

Maybe I should share my thoughts:

If possible, I am thinking of form submission to throw a picture picked
somehow from the Finger print scanner and authenticate the Patron
through Koha on the staff client.
I am also thinking of a standalone GUI application to authenticate and
authorise checkout but that clatters the workflow.

Please assist.

Patrick Andrew Jansen

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