Long Shot - Looking for workaround suggestions for "Lost and Paid For" items

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Long Shot - Looking for workaround suggestions for "Lost and Paid For" items

Kelly Drake-2
Collective wisdom,

I'm guessing this is a long shot but perhaps someone out there is dealing
with a similar situation.

We're looking for a work around that would allow us to remove Lost and Paid
for items from a patron's account while still maintaining the replacement
cost, and having all other items with a Lost status remain on the patrons

   1. have the system charge a patron the replacement fee for a lost item
   (which it does)
   2. Allow the patron to pay for that item
   3. Have that item removed from the patron account
   4. Leave the replacement cost fine on the account

or to put it an other way

What we would like to happen when a patron pays for Lost item:

   1. The patron's is charged for the item (either through the Long Overdue
   (Lost) process or manually)
   2. The replacement fee shows on their account
   3. Staff changes the item status to "Lost and Paid for"
   4. The item is removed from their account...

However, we want all other items, with any of the other Lost status, to
remain on the patron's account. (MarkLostItemsAsReturned is set to "Do not

Hence the conflict.

We've tried the workaround of checking in the item prior to the patron
paying the fee with the idea that we could then set the item to Lost with
no associated patron but then the replacement fee is forgiven. (Which is
what we want to happen when a patron actual does return a lost item)

(WhenLostChargeReplacementFee set to charge. If we try and clear the item
from the patron's account by returning the item prior to their paying the
bill, then the item is no longer lost and the replacement fee is forgiven. )

Kelly Drake
HELM Project Manager

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