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Tomas Cohen Arazi
Hi everyone,
Last week (or so) I posted bug 18964 [1]. It introduces option switches to the koha-plack script allowing it to run in debug mode, starting a debugging session on a remote IDE/editor supporting the xdebug protocol.

It is submitted and NSO. In the meantime I've added a koha-plack-debug script to KohaDevBox. It's the same script from the bug, different name.

In order to use it, some new configuration entries need to be set in user.yml:

- remote_debugger: true
- remote_debugger_location: "host:port"
- remote_debugger_key: "your_ide_key"

host:port is set to localhost:9000 by default in this setup. And the IDE key is the empty string ''. Tweak as needed, but keep the surrounding double quotes.

A new alias has been added:
- plack_debug_start

it will fail to run if Plack is already running for the configured instance. Make sure you run this before:

vagrant$ sudo koha-plack --stop kohadev
vagrant$ plack_debug_start

Find me or Lari or Olli on IRC if you have doubts.


Tomás Cohen Arazi
Theke Solutions (https://theke.io)
✆ +54 9351 3513384

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