KohaCon18 - Portland Oregon USA - "Together Towards Tomorrow"

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KohaCon18 - Portland Oregon USA - "Together Towards Tomorrow"

Brendan Gallagher
Hello All - 

It has been decided that the next KohaCon will be in Portland, OR USA from September 10th (Monday) to September 12th (Wednesday) in 2018 - followed by a local cultural day and a 3 day hackfest over the weekend.  

The theme for KohaCon18 will be "Together Towards Tomorrow".   A majority of the focus will be on community building, community engagement, and building Koha for the future. 

We've started planning and starting at the beginning of next year you should plan on seeing a bunch of information and marketing about the conference (website, etc.). 

We are extremely excited to be hosting and this conference will be tons of fun!  If you have a chance to mark your calendars please do!  

Koha is awesome! 

(Much more to follow)


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