Koha hosting through Port forwarding VPS

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Koha hosting through Port forwarding VPS

Dear Library Professionals,

I would like to share a happy news that I have successfully hosted library
opac and staff client in internet through "port forwarding" VPS network.

Port forwarding is a important tool in every broadband network like
Binatone 300 mbps VDSL router, Dlink router., etc.,

I have set Library LAN's IP address and koha staff client and opac's port
number in port forwarding. After that I have checked  my  public IP address
in google. After getting the public IP address, I typed public IP address
with koha opac port number in the browser. Now it is working in worldwide.
We can access our library from anywhere in the world. It is completely free
of cost. You can use this tool for VPS.

Here is my library opac and staff client.


I would like to give credits to Sunitha Barve madam who had encouraged me
very well. She is very good library professional. Thank you Madam.

Ashok Francis
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