Koha 3.0 Meeting Notes for February 20, 2006

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Koha 3.0 Meeting Notes for February 20, 2006

Joshua Ferraro-3
Hi all,

Very productive meeting this week -- thanks to everyone for their
participation, I think we have a clear work path outlined for this
week. Here are the meeting notes:

thd, chris, kados, paul, rach, russ, bob

THD brought up Steven Baljkas concern about how the OPAC MARC view
displays records where 650 is repeatable for example but all
repeated field names appear only once with each of their respective
contents appended. Therefore, in the OPAC MARC view 650 $a 650 $a $x
650 $a $x appears as 650 $a $a $x $a $x which looks as if everything
had been dumped into one field and not repeated fields.

we agreed that it's just a display problem, though it may lead some
to conclude that the back-end storage is incorrect. THD and paul
worked a bit on fixing the display


We discussed perl-zoom as a 'drop-in' replacement for rel_2_2's
Biblio.pm, SearchMarc.pm and marc* tables. Perl-zoom will NOT be
required for 2.2.6, but will be an optional plugin for libraries
who would like to try it out before Koha 3.0 is ready.

We discussed necessary tasks remaining before perl-zoom is production-
ready for a rel_2_2 system and who will work on these:

Paul (Biblio.pm stuff):
 record deletion, add and delete items attached to a record

Chris (Searching):
 clean up searching results pages, etc.
 details pages

Josh (Zebra config):
 continue to work on collection.abs
 add zebra's 'safe updates' setting and find out how to use 'commit'

Thd (Zebra config):
 work on unimarc collection.abs

We discussed that we're not sure when to create/destroy the $Zconn
object ... whether 'commit' should happen after a number of updates
or after one. kados will send an email requesting clarification.

Requests were made for a set of PROG templates for the OPAC, russ
volunteered to do them if Owen is too swamped.

Still no luck with this, problem has been confirmed from at least two
sources. Suggested that if we can't get help from the package maintainer
we should patch it ourselves and distribute it with 3.0.

Discussion about whether to get rid of the old koha tables in 3.0.
Currently, the koha tables limit us to a 3-level deep holdings
hierarchy -- but Stanard MARC Holdings seems to provide a n-level deep
holdings hierarchy. We'll continue to discuss it and write up a
prototype of how it should work and proceed from there.

Discussed OP's desire to add new features for borrowers to HEAD. We
agree their modifs are a good idea and should be included in 3.0,
though eventually we'll want to move away from the hard-coded categories.

Russ announced that Katipo has recieved sponsorship for their new
serials module and work on it will begin this week.

Paul mentioned that he'll be working on 'late issues' this weeek, defining
3 levels of late issues warnings. He will also take a look at
incorporating fines and 'email warnings'.

If I've left anything out or misrepresented anything don't hesitate to
let me know.


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