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Tomas Cohen Arazi
Hi everyone, I've just noticed I might have not sent the required information to people polling jenkins, so here it goes.

We've moved all jenkins tasks into docker containers, that are built using the different branches in the koha-testing-docker repository [1]

The 'images' are built in jenkins itself [2] and then uploaded (by jenkins) into the Docker hub (the Docker official place to share/distribute Docker images).
I took over the 'koha' organization name in the Docker hub (this guys are great!) [3].

The jenkins tasks have been renamed into Koha_{{ branch }}_D8, because we plan to start running the test suite against Stretch, so it will be _D9... 

This means the dashboard green/yellow/red icons informing the projects health are broken for now, but we shoudl fix it very soon.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. It is for a good cause :-D

Thanks everyone for the patience

PS As soon as I have a spare morning, I will document all this on the wiki.

[2] Look for 'Build koha-testing' tasks in jenkins:
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