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Installing on Debian sarge

Nitin Madhavan
I have been using Koha on windows for a few weeks to check it out and have been very impressed. Since the z3950 feature is not available in the windows version, I am installing it on Linux (debian sarge). I am a newbie to linux and need all the help I can get. I have read up the guidelines for installation on woody and need the following clarifications :

1. I do not have a internet connection yet. Is there any way of downloading the required packages ( the perl modules and Yaz toolkit) on another computer and then copying them on to the hard drive of my comp for installation using apt? If yes, i would appreciate the exact procedure, the folder to copy into, etc.

2. The exact procedure for installing on Sarge for a linux-illiterate, if possible

i also have a few queries reagrding Koha. Here goes

1. Can I check what books are there in the reservoir?

2. How does the auto barcode feature work? I have activated it in the system administartion page. But it still asks for a barcode when I add a new book. If i leave it blank and continue, it gives an error message asking me to enter the barcode.


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