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Fwd: [Koha-oz] FW: RFC for overhauling notices

Chris Cormack-6
Hi all

Please take the time to consider Brimbank’s RFC for an overhaul to the
notices system.

The short descriptions is that we’d like to bring management of all notice
types together, treating overdues like all other notices, and making print
notices a first class citizen at the same time. Currently dealing with
print notices in a medium-large public library is …challenging.

RFC is here: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Notices_Overhaul_RFC

Bugzilla is here:

Please note this is a sponsored project so we are not really looking to
extend the proposal further, but seeking advice on whether anyone else is
already working on something similar, or the proposed way forward is a bad
idea for some important reason.

***Please provide feedback and suggestions by Monday 9 July*** either in
the bug, or via email to [hidden email]
Koha mailing list  http://koha-community.org
[hidden email]