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I know that some of you are using MARCEdit and that some of you are in Ohio :) So if you fit both of these criteria - this workshop may be of interest to you.


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Subject: [ACAT] MarcEdit workshop with Terry Reese-- Parma (Cleveland), Ohio, November 13, 2009
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Snatch and Batch

Tools for Doing More with Even Less!



NOVEMBER 13, 2009

9:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Cuyahoga County Public Library

Administration Building

2111 Snow Road, Parma, OH

Register by October 31, 2009

Registration form at: NOTSL website www.notsl.org<BLOCKED::http://www.notsl.org>


A Message From NOTSL's Chair

Rosanna O'Neil

Once again, NOTSL is offering an exciting, timely, and invaluable workshop for the libraries of northern Ohio! The workshop will feature two exceptional presenters who are expert at manipulating MARC data to their own ends!

Roman Panchyshyn from Kent State will begin the program by demonstrating how batch processing, and the tools available for manipulating and managing groups of MARC records, have improved workflow processes at KSU and how they can work for you! Managing large sets of data never seemed so easy!

Then Terry Reese from Oregon State, maps cataloger extraordinaire and creator/wizard of MarcEdit, will provide a three-hour workshop on his free software, MarcEdit, one of the most popular and effective MARC applications available. Terry will offer both hands on practice (if you can bring a laptop), or you can follow along on the large projection screen, as he demonstrates the many features of this invaluable MARC editing tool. Tens of thousands of libraries have downloaded this free software and you will, too, after you see what it can do to help you do more with even less!
To register for this great opportunity ($40 for staff, $20 for students), please visit the NOTSL website, www.notsl.org<BLOCKED::http://www.notsl.org>, print out the registration form, and mail in your paid registration. Terry's other workshops sell out quickly and space is limited to 100, so register soon!


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