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Galen Charlton-2

In preparation for the IRC meeting later today, I would like to
clarify the ground rules for the feature freeze on 6 September.
Basically, my intention is that by the end of the day on 6 September
(you get to pick your time zone), all features for 3.2 should be
submitted to the patch queue.  In order to accommodate last minute
work, by submission I mean any and or all the following:

[1] Patches emailed to koha-patches.
[2] Pull requests emailed to koha-patches
[3] A simple statement to koha-devel stating the availability of a
published Git repo from which patches can be cherry-picked for
inclusion in 3.2, even if you're not quite at the point where it could
be pulled into a topic branch at the main repository.
[4] Smoke signals, carrier pigeons, ham radio bouncing of the moon, or
the like communicating to me the availability of finished patches.

In other words, my goal is to allow flexibility, not set a super-hard
deadline - the point is to identify all new features that are
substantially complete, even if they may need some (or a lot) of

Once the deadline passes, new features meant for 3.4 or later will go
on an unstable branch while master will be reserved for integrating
3.2 features.


Galen Charlton
[hidden email]
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