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Education meeting date poll

Caroline Cyr-La-Rose
Hello everyone!

During this morning's General meeting
a meeting for educators/trainers to exchange ideas, best practices,
materials and other experiences was proposed. This meeting would be for
all community members who have a hand in training new Koha users, or in
continuing education for current Koha users, and who are interested in
sharing experiences with colleagues. (Note that this is not a training
meeting, but a meeting for educators.) If you would like to attend the
very first meeting, please fill in the date poll available here :

The meeting will be held by video conference. So far, NEKLS and ByWater
Solutions have both offered to host the first meeting using Zoom. George
and Donna, can you insert your room's availability as a "person" in the
poll? I will make sure one of the rooms can attend when deciding the date :)

The poll closes on June 12. So answer as soon as possible. I will send
the details and agenda on the list when a date is picked.

Thank you everyone!

Caroline Cyr La Rose, M.L.I.S.
Librarian | Product Manager

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