Detailed report of Circulation transactions

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Detailed report of Circulation transactions

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i Have 2 problems

1. How to generate the detailed report on library circulation transactions of a particular period  which includes Checkouts, Checkins, renewals, researvations, (not count)

2. can u help be how to add patron name and Card no. to below sql query

SELECT b.title,, i.itemcallnumber, i.barcode, c.issuedate
FROM (SELECT iss.issuedate, iss.itemnumber FROM issues iss,
(SELECT @StartDate:=<<Between (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>>,@EndDate:=<<and (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>>) AS var
WHERE date(iss.issuedate) BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate UNION ALL
SELECT oi.issuedate, oi.itemnumber FROM old_issues oi WHERE date(oi.issuedate)
BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate) AS c
LEFT JOIN items i USING (itemnumber)
LEFT JOIN biblio b USING (biblionumber)
WHERE i.homebranch=<<Item belongs TO|branches>>