[Bug 9988] Leave larger authority merges to merge_authorities cronjob ( pref AuthorityMergeLimit)

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[Bug 9988] Leave larger authority merges to merge_authorities cronjob ( pref AuthorityMergeLimit)


Marcel de Rooy <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #51 from Marcel de Rooy <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 61307
Bug 9988: Few subtle changes for postponed merge

The fails in the previous test showed that we need the first three
changes here. Some final polishing in points 4 to 6.

[1] Sub merge: Refine the condition for initializing $tags_new.
    A postponed 'modify'-merge (A to B) makes that $authtypefrom is not
    defined when running merge later. When crossing the type boundary, we
    need a new field too.
[2] Sub merge: Add condition for an empty @record_to array.
    This indicates also that a field should be removed, since we should
    otherwise only add a $9 subfield.
[3] Sub merge: Adjust initializing @record_from.
    This change is tested by verifying a cleared subfield in the test.
[4] DelAuthority: Adding a skipmerge parameter to allow the call from
    authorities/merge.pl to skip an unneeded merge.
    This also prevents that the 'delete-merge' would precede the
    'modify-merge' under a hypothetical race condition.
[5] DelAuthority: There is actually no need to call GetAuthority.
    The subfields of the old record are not relevant in this case.
[6] Added a few POD lines to merge.
[7] Removed a trailing space in a comment line in merge.

Test plan:
[1] Run t/db_dependent/Authorities/Merge.t.
    The last subtest should no longer fail now.
[2] See test plan of next patch.

Signed-off-by: Marcel de Rooy <[hidden email]>

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