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[Bug 9302] Add ability to merge patron records


Jonathan Druart <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #39 from Jonathan Druart <[hidden email]> ---
4. on /members/merge-patrons.pl?id=19&id=5&id=45&id=21 the [+][-] links in the
header do nothing

5. After this confirmation screen:
I see these 3 holds:

It's not clear to me what happened.

6. On this screen (result of the merge), we are left alone (back/return button
is missing?)

7. flagsrequired   => { borrowers => 1 }
must be borrowers => 'edit_borrowers'

  <td>[% p.firstname | html %] [% p.surname | html %]</td>
  <a href="moremember.pl?borrowernumber=[% keeper.id %]">[% keeper.firstname %]
[% keeper.surname %] ([% keeper.cardnumber | html %])</a>

must be replaced with a call to patron-include.inc

9. TT, in the display_names block, you need to surround the strings with a html
tag (for translation)

10. Not sure about that part, I am going to ping Owen:
 60 <div id="doc2" class="yui-t7">
 61    <div id="bd">
 62         <div id="yui-main">

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