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[Bug 8676] Show vendor name in source of acquisition


--- Comment #9 from Jonathan Druart <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 107821
Bug 8676: Display vendor's name when cataloguing items

If items.booksellerid is mapped to a MARC field (952$e, Source of
acquisition) then we could display a dropdown list with the list of
vendors when items are edited.

*However* we could have a weird display if it does not match the vendor
from which the items have been effectively ordered within Koha.
You could then see "Vendor X" in the cataloguing items view (additem.pl), but
Y" on the item list (moredetail.pl)
Is this patch relevant?

Test plan:
Order and receive an item
Edit the item and note the new dropdown list for "Source of acquisition"
Note that the items table has replaced the value with the name of the
vendor's name as well

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