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[Bug 8630] Add covers from AdLibris to the OPAC and Intranet


Katrin Fischer <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #76 from Katrin Fischer <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 80380
Bug 8630: Adlibris covers (OPAC templates)

Changes to OPAC templates.
Depends on new CSS clases defined in separate patch.

Test plan:

To test this particular patch (intranet templates) you need:
* The syspref patch applied
* The intranet CSS patch applied

To test:
* Apply this patch

* Enable covers (if not done already)
  * Go to staff interface, log in as a priviliged user.
  * Select "More" -> "Administration" ->
        "Global system preferences" -> "Enhanced content".
  * Set ""AdlibrisCoversEnabled" to "Show" under "Adlibris".
  * Save changes

* Add a book with a known cover/ISBN (if none exists)
  * Set MARC field 020 a,
        "INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER" to: 9780451524935
  * Set MARC field 245 a, "Title" to: 1984
  * Save changes

* Test opac-results.tt
  * Search library catalog from OPAC for "1984".
  * You should be sent to:
  * Cover image should be shown to the right of each title
    with CSS class: "adlibris-cover"

* Test opac-detail.tt
  (continued from previous test's location)
  * Click on the title with cover (1984, ISBN: 9780451524935)
  * Cover should be displayed to the left in full size.
  * If clicked, should link to the full-size image.

Test opac-results-grouped.tt
  * This template is only used if an external "grouping" server is
    setup and the syspref "OPACGroupResults" is set to "Use".
  * Personally I did not test this, b/c: terminally lazy

* Test opac-showreviews.tt
  * Could not find any links to this location, manually enter it:
  * Image should be shown to the right in full size.
  * If clicked it should take you to the detail view with the
    comments tab opened.

* Test opac-showreviews-rss.tt
  * Click on the RSS icon from previous test's start location.
    URL should be:
  * An image tag linking to the full-size image without any
    styling class should be present.

* Test opac-user.tt
  * Click on your username to open:
  * Covers should be shown for checked out items with
    CSS class: adlibris-cover
  * When clicked the destination should be the same as
    clicking the title column entry: opac-details.pl

* Test opac-opensearch.tt
  * Click on "Advanced search" and enter "1984" then press "Search"
  * This search screen uses a different template.
  * Cover image should be shown to the right of each title
    with CSS class: "adlibris-cover"
  * If clicked, should link to the OPAC detail view.

* Test opac-readingrecord.tt
  * Click on your logged-in name to go to your personal page.
  * Click on "Your reading history" tab on the left.
  * Covers should be shown in leftmost column with
    CSS class: adlibris-cover
  * If clicked, should link to the same as the 'Title' link.

Sponsored-By: Halland County Library

Signed-off-by: Owen Leonard <[hidden email]>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <[hidden email]>

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