[Bug 8612] CSV export profile to have custom fields in export csv basket

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[Bug 8612] CSV export profile to have custom fields in export csv basket


Josef Moravec <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #75 from Josef Moravec <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Marcel de Rooy from comment #70)

> (In reply to Jonathan Druart from comment #69)
> > I have the feeling that there is a design issue. I'd have let the type="sql"
> > but add another DB field ('usage' or similar) to identify how the profile
> > can be used.
> I agree with Jonathan.
> Although I acknowledge that this patch already has quite a history already.
> Export format is the name of the table for the CSV profiles (this is already
> confusing btw). Actually, csv profiles would be a better name.
> The column type should be either marc or sql: we refer to marc fields or
> database columns.
> But yes, we need an additional column where to use which profile. Probably
> we can start here with the simple list we have now. Could be expanded later..
> About t/db_dependent/Acquisition/GetBasketAsCSV.t:
> Remove the dbh statements. You do not need them. You use schema txn..
> You pass a new CGI object in your test. You probably can; just wondering if
> you should mock C4::Languages::getlanguage and not use CGI here.
> Typo defautl

So, I rebased the patch on top of current master and added some followups.

Changes made -
 - revert the changes in csv profile types so there are again only two - marc
and sql
 - added new db column used_for, which should say where the profile could be
  - fix typo and remove dbh from test GetBasketAsCSV.t

How do you think the mocked getlanguage could be used? The soubroutine
GetBasketAsCSV does need the CGI object as a param...

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