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[Bug 6891] LDIF interoperability - a proposal


--- Comment #8 from Robin Sheat <[hidden email]> 2011-09-27 03:49:43 UTC ---
This is from just looking at it very quickly.

* Specifying a recommended compression, e.g. bz2, is a good thing. I don't
think we need to bundle the XSD along with it, as it should be validatable from
the information in the header anyway. That also makes it easier for the loading
software to see what version it's expected to work with.

I think most XML validators will download the XSD if they don't know it

* The internal documentation is great.

* days_of_week_closed is a bit odd, using a bitmask like that. Being XML-y,
might it be better to have <saturday /><sunday /> inside there, or something
more like that.

* I note that you say that MARC::Record is capable of creating MARC-XML to go
in the biblio records "with a little tweaking". What tweaking is that, and is
it something we can/should send upstream?

I'll hopefully get a deeper look at it some time later this week.

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