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[Bug 6891] LDIF interoperability - a proposal


--- Comment #7 from Xan Charbonnet <[hidden email]> 2011-09-27 03:09:43 UTC ---
Okay!  There's a new version of the schema posted at
http://www.biblionix.com/ldif.xsd , and a new demonstration export at
http://www.biblionix.com/demolibrary_2011-09-26.xml .  Mostly because of the
change to MARC XML, the file is now 84MB, but it compresses very well!

Along those lines (and I'm getting way ahead of myself here) it might be
beneficial to specify a standard way to distribute this file.  Say a .tar.bz2,
including the schemas and the document at particular locations within that
archive.  That would turn LDIF (or whatever we want to call it) into a
single-file solution, and the compressed file would be much easier to deal
with.  bzip2 gets the 84MB file down to 4MB.  Importers and exporters would
deal with that archive, decompressing and compressing as required without
making the user do it.

Here is the list of changes since the last version.  This list also appears in
the schema itself.

    * Added documentation
    * Added the <system> element for describing the software
      that generated a document
    * Added a way to represent days of the week the library
      is closed
    * Internationalized phone numbers
    * Converted from base64-encoded MARC to MARC in XML,
      referring to the official LoC MARC XML schema
    * Added support for authorities, via the same MARC in XML
    * Changed "types" (eg, holdingTypeLists) to "memberships"
      (eg holdingMembershipLists)
    * Removed the concept of "age" in favor of a
    * Replaced patronType and holdingType from checkouts
      with a reference to applicable membershipLists
    * Swapped the order of holdingMembershipLists and
      patronMembershipLists (only because it's easier to
      explain the holding version in the inline documentation)
    * Removed cardRenewals (didn't seem worth the trouble)
    * Simplified purchaseRequests
    * Moved reserves inside of patrons
    * A few other minor housekeeping things

Still need to figure out addresses; I'm a little worried that xAL.xsd is too
broad and complex for use here...  But I wanted to get out what I had so far.
Any thoughts appreciated!

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