[Bug 6576] changing framework while cataloging looses data

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[Bug 6576] changing framework while cataloging looses data


--- Comment #14 from Srdjan Jankovic <[hidden email]> 2011-10-11 01:43:29 UTC ---
Again, I am a bit confused here. I have a kc/master checkout.
* all 6576, 6959 and 6974 are applied
* I tried going from Default to Book framework and back again:
- page was submitted every time (as expected)
- on the first page ( 0 ) 0 LEADER, 8 GENERAL INFO, 20 ISBN and 24 OTHER
STANDARD IDENTIFIER were preserved, as well as 942 "Source of classification"
and "item type"

Can you please describe what was expected, and what happened.

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