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[Bug 6554] Broken encoding in members home/search page


--- Comment #8 from Dobrica Pavlinusic <[hidden email]> 2011-10-24 18:11:09 UTC ---
Created attachment 6041
  --> http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=6041
Clean up Koha utf-8 string handling

We are having same problem, but in our case we don't use localized templates
but have utf-8 characters inside MySQL which get double utf-8 encoded before
they are sent to browser.

If you feel brave, you can try attached patch with fixes problem for us.

Below is short summary of changes from patch:

    This patch tries to clean up utf-8 handling in Koha.

    In current implementation (mostly commented out in this patch)
    uses heuristic to guess which strings need decoding from utf-8
    to binary representation and doesn't support utf-8 characters
    in templates and has problems with utf-8 data from database.

    With this changes, Koha perl code always uses utf-8 encoding
    correctly. All incomming data from database is allready
    correctly marked as utf-8, and decoding of utf8 is required
    only from Zebra and XSLT transfers which don't set utf-8 flag

    For output, standard perl :utf8 handler is used removing various
    "wide character" warnings as side-effect.

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