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[Bug 6328] Fine in days does not work


Ian Walls <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #39 from Ian Walls <[hidden email]> 2011-11-19 15:07:38 UTC ---

Okay, all QA comments dealt with but one:

> This patch also changes the output of IsMemberBlocked, from returning the
> number of days they patron is blocked to the date they're blocked until.  This
> means that issuingimpossible{USERBLOCKEDREMAINING} in
> C4::Circulation::CanBookBeIssued is populated with a date instead of an
> integer, breaking the display circ/circulation.tt (<li>Patron has had overdue
> items and is blocked for [% USERBLOCKEDREMAINING %] day(s).</li>).  A simple
> change to circ/circulation.tt to handle this date correctly would suffice.
> This would introduce string changes.

The faulty string in question is on circ/circulation.tt, around line 390.
Change it to "<li>Patron has had overdue items, and is blocked until [%
USERBLOCKEDREMAINING %]</li>" would be sufficient.  Since this is just a minor
template only language issue (the key data is being presented, just not in a
correct sentence), I don't think it's worth holding up the QA on this any more.

Marking as Passed QA.

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