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[Bug 2454] Improve display of credits on pay fines tab


--- Comment #17 from Alex Buckley <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 69098
Bug 2454 - Removed the display of NotifyID and Level values on Pay fines page

Based on tester feedback this patch has been redone so as to remove
changes of indentation to lines not added or modified by this patch.

Test plan:
1. From the Koha staff interface go the Patron area and select a patron

2. Create a fine of $10 for the patron by clicking on the 'Fines' tab
and creating a fine in the 'Create manual invoice' tab

3. Create a credit of $5 for the patron in the 'Create manual credit'

4. Then go to the 'Pay fines' tab and notice there is a row for both the
fine and credit both with values in the account type, Notify ID, and level
of the table

5. Select "write off all" and 'OK' in the confirmation box

6. Youre redirected to Account tab, return to 'pay fines' tab and notice
no fines or credits are displayed

7. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and then click "Pay amount", confirm it, then
navigate back to the 'Pay fines' tab and notice although the fine and credit
displayed the 'total due' value is 0.00

8. Apply the patch attached to this bug report

9. Repeat steps 2, and 3.

10. Navigate to 'Pay fines' tab and notice the fine has values
in account type, Notify ID, and level and the credit does not.
Additionally credit has the description value of 'Credit'

11. Repeat steps 5 and 6 and as with before this patch was applied
notice the 'Pay fines' tab does not show any fines or credits

12. Repeat step 7 and again notice the 'Total due' value is 0.00

Sponsored-By: Catalyst IT

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