[Bug 15253] Add Koha::Logger based logging for SIP2

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[Bug 15253] Add Koha::Logger based logging for SIP2


--- Comment #44 from Martin Renvoize <[hidden email]> ---
Comment on attachment 87993
  --> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=87993
Bug 15253: Add Koha::Logger based logging for SIP2

Review of attachment 87993:
 --> (https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/page.cgi?id=splinter.html&bug=15253&attachment=87993)

::: Koha/Logger.pm
@@ +159,5 @@
>          if ( $l =~ /(OPAC|INTRANET)\.filename\s*=\s*(.*)\s*$/i ) {
>              # we only check the two default logfiles, skipping additional ones
> +            if ( !-w $2 ) {
> +                warn "Log file $2 is not writable!";

It's this line that's fireing.. I think we must have been talking at cross

Because koha-testing-docker doesn't have a writable logdir by default if you
apply this patch and then run any tests that happen to use a module that uses
Koha::Logger you now spam the screen with the above warning.

It's just noise rather than a failure.. but it can make the test results rather
cumbersome to read.. that's what I'm getting at.

I think Tomas is now on the case from the koha-testing-docker side.

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