[Bug 15219] Server-side processing and pagination on checkouts tables

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[Bug 15219] Server-side processing and pagination on checkouts tables


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--- Comment #24 from Julian Maurice <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 74224
Bug 15219: Server-side processing and pagination on checkouts tables

Some libraries have patrons with more than 1000 checkouts. Loading all
of them at once can be very long, and sometimes can cause timeout
This patch prevent that by enabling server-side processing and
pagination on checkouts tables.
This affects patron's checkouts and patron's relatives' checkouts tables
on pages circ/circulation.pl and members/moremember.pl.

As server-side processing can be useless and cumbersome with small
sets of data, a new system preference is introduced to control this
behaviour (server-side processing is disabled by default).

Additionally, this patch:
- adds a switch to turn off and on row grouping (today's checkouts vs
  previous checkouts) (on by default)
- adds "column settings" for relatives' checkouts tables
- factorize some code that was duplicated across the two DataTables
  configurations (mDataProp)

Test plan:
1. Find (or create) a patron that have at least 10 checkouts and where
   the relatives checkouts table contain at least 10 checkouts.
2. Go to the patron's detail page and check everything works fine
   in both tables (sorting, pagination, the data itself, ...)
3. Do the same on circulation page (circulation.pl)
4. Enable system preference ServerSideCheckoutsTable
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3

Signed-off-by: Eric Gosselin <[hidden email]>

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