[Bug 14537] Rename system preference 'OverdueNoticeBcc' to 'NoticeBcc'

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[Bug 14537] Rename system preference 'OverdueNoticeBcc' to 'NoticeBcc'


Marc Véron <[hidden email]> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Text to go in the|The system prefrerence      |The system preference
      release notes|'OverdueNoticeBcc' seems,   |'OverdueNoticeBcc' seems,
                   |by its name, to imply that  |by its name, to imply that
                   |a BCC will be added to all  |a BCC will be added to all
                   |overdue notices. The        |overdue notices. The
                   |description says that the   |description says that the
                   |address will be added to    |address will be added to
                   |all notices. The behavior   |all notices. The behavior
                   |of the system follows the   |of the system follows the
                   |description, not the system |description, not the system
                   |preference name. The system |preference name. The system
                   |preference is re-named to   |preference is re-named to
                   |NoticeBcc.                  |NoticeBcc.

--- Comment #7 from Marc Véron <[hidden email]> ---
Fixed small typo in text for release notes (prefrence)

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