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[Bug 14224] patron notes about item shown at check in


Katrin Fischer <[hidden email]> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Text to go in the|This patch adds a "Note"    |This feature adds a "Note"
      release notes|input field to checked out  |input field to checked out
                   |items in the "your summary" |items in the "your summary"
                   |section. The field allows   |section of the patron
                   |patrons to write notes      |account in the OPAC. The
                   |about the item checked out, |field allows patrons to
                   |such as "this DVD is        |write notes about the item,
                   |scratched", "the binding    |such as "this DVD is
                   |was torn", etc. The note    |scratched", "the binding
                   |will be emailed to the      |was torn", etc. The note
                   |library and displayed on    |will be emailed to the
                   |item check in.              |library and displayed on
                   |                            |check in.

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