[Bug 13895] Add routes for checkouts retrieval and renewal

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[Bug 13895] Add routes for checkouts retrieval and renewal


--- Comment #55 from Tomás Cohen Arazi <[hidden email]> ---
I've added a followup fixing the spec (adding types, etc) and annotating the
boolean columns so the returned types are correct.

This still needs to be migrated to the OpenAPI plugin.
POD missing too.

I'm not convinced by the idea of making PUT default to renewal. Please consider
the 'checkin' scenario and how it could fit too. Right now the Issues and
OldIssues schemas are separated, but conceptually, we should be updating a
checkout when returning (setting returndate, etc).

So, it looks like a good starting point, but more work is needed, specially
thinking about PUT. I can help next week.

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