[Bug 12063] Change date calculation for reserve expiration to skip all holidays

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[Bug 12063] Change date calculation for reserve expiration to skip all holidays


--- Comment #39 from Alex Arnaud <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Andreas Hedström Mace from comment #37)

> Tested and everything works as intended, except that it is not possible to
> cancel holds with the cronjob in
> misc/cronjobs/holds/cancel_expired_holds.pl, and thus not possible to set a
> cancelation fee.
> However, with the ExpireReservesOnHolidays syspref set to allow, and without
> ExcludeHolidaysFromMaxPickUpDelay (set to don’t allow), the hold is
> cancelled and sets the fee.
> I don't think this is the desired behaviour (one might want to exclude
> holidays but still apply a fee for those who doesn’t pick up a reserved
> book), so I'm setting this to patch doesn't apply.
> If someone disagrees, feel free to change the status.

Hello Andreas,

I didn't managed to reproduce this issue.
I have an expired hold. ExpireReservesOnHolidays is set to "don't allow".
ExcludeHolidaysFromMaxPickUpDelay is set to "allow", i'm not on a holiday
period and ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelayCharge is set to 11.

Launch misc/cronjobs/holds/cancel_expired_holds.pl:
  1) hold is canceled,
  2) related borrower is charged

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